JRC Section II Test

Recently, Areco Technology Inc. conducted a Section II Flow Lab Test at Halliburton Jet Research Center. Three tests were performed, including a Barrel Test, Test [...]

CoFrac Surface API Concrete Targets Test

For this test, standard API concrete targets were perforated with conventional and CoFrac® System measuring 4.25 in. OD and loaded 5 SPF. The 39-gram RDX shaped [...]

CoFrac Sandstone Target Test

For this test, two identical sandstone targets were prepared. A test apparatus was configured to test-fire a conventional shaped charge of known performance with and without [...]

CoFrac Pressure Test

Conducted at the Explosive Test Center at North Schlumberger Oilfield Technology Corporation to identify the effects of the shockwave pressure produced by the charge with ReCo® [...]

Measure Deflagration Process Test

A test was set up to verify that propellant deflagrated outside the gun carrier and well-bore casing. The test setup included an 11.8 in. height [...]

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