The CoFrac® system places a high energy propellant cap at the front-end of any regular shaped charge. After the charge jet perforates the formation, the propellant material is pushed into the perforation tunnel where it deflagrates continuously. The energy released by the deflagration will apply directly to the perforation tunnel, creating a fracture network without damage to the wellbore and casing. The working mechanism, the pressure transfer between the wellbore and formation, and location of propellant deflagration is ultimately different from that of other perforation methods.

With the help of the CoFrac® Perforating System, perforation operations become highly efficient. CoFrac® System creates fracture networks around the tunnel, which is the most desirable working condition for subsequent fracturing operations. The data from thousands of operations have shown that after using CoFrac®, treating pressure was reduced between 10& and 30%. The consumption of proppants increased between 15% and 30%. This dramatically reduces the difficulty and cost of fracturing operations.


CoFrac® Gun System will effectively eliminate the crushed zone, is able to achieve self-cleaning results, and reduce near-wellbore damage.

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