CoStim™ is Areco’s new generation of perforation enhancement technology.

CoStim™ technology stands as a transformative force in the realm of well completion, stimulation, and production. It seamlessly integrates into every phase of a well’s journey, offering a multi-dimensional value proposition: enhanced perforations for heightened accuracy and production, streamlined procedures that yield efficiency gains and cost savings, a surge increase in production rates through optimized fluid dynamics, timely deployment for prompt output, an initial production rate boost for a strong well lifecycle start, maximized reservoir connectivity and hydrocarbon recovery, clean wellbores ensuring long-term viability, innovative design tailored to reservoir characteristics, and the unlocking of your well’s full performance potential.

This patent-pending innovation is the second generation of our perforation enhancement technology. The reactive composite ring, positioned ahead of the shaped charge, boasts 2 times higher energy density than propellant-based alternatives.

Operating under the impact of the shaped charge jet stream, CoStim™ generates sustained deflagration within the perforation tunnel. It initiates a chain reaction and produces a series of secondary powerful pressure waves and shock waves that effectively decontaminate the near-wellbore zone, expel debris, eradicate compact zones, convert the plugged perforation tip into fan-shaped microfracture-inducing zones as well as potentially initiate fractures on perforation wall, enlarge the void depth and capacity of the tunnel, preserving the integrity of the perforation entry-hole aperture; and ensuring no additional swelling in the perforation gun.

Collectively, it amplifies Perforation Effectiveness and Operational Cost-Efficiency.

In essence, the CoStim™  innovative solutions outlined above underscore the substantial advantages presented by this technological breakthrough. Each facet contributes to a comprehensive enhancement of Perforation Effectiveness and Operational Cost-Effectiveness across various domains, from optimizing fracture initiation to reducing chemical dependencies, enhancing time efficiency, and bolstering well performance.

Product Features:

  1. Non-explosive Under Normal Conditions: Ensures safety and convenience during transportation, storage, handling, and application.
  2. Higher Energy Density: Provides 2 to 3 times the energy output of equivalent volumes of currently available propellant-based products in the market
  3. Space-Efficient Device: This standalone ring-form structural component snaps directly onto the face of the shaped charge, maximizing space utilization within the perforating gun system without requiring any mechanical retrofit changes to the gun body.
  4. Universally Compatible: Adaptable to nearly all standard perforating operations chosen by the operator, including wireline companies, shaped charges, and perforating gun systems.

Product Application Scenarios:

  1. Conventional Wells: Boost efficiency and effectiveness in conventional well production rate enhancement.
  2. Unconventional Shale Play Wells: Enhance efficiency and effectiveness in shale play well completions.
  3. Unconventional C.B.M. Wells: Elevate productivity in C.B.M. (Coal Bed Methane) wells.
  4. Water-Injection Wells: Optimize efficiency and effectiveness in water well injection operations.
  5. Re-Completion Wells: Improve efficiency and effectiveness in well re-completion processes.

Product Benefits:

  1. Fracture Initiation Enhancement: CoStim™  technology brings about a notable improvement in the initiation of fractures at each perforation point. By optimizing fracture initiation, it ensures a more effective and productive fracturing process.
  2. Efficient Perforating Precision: The innovation of CoStim™  offers a heightened level of precision and efficiency in the perforating process. It enables more accurate placement of perforations, contributing to enhanced fracturing outcomes.
  3. Enhanced Well Performance: The advancement brought by CoStim™  leads to a significant elevation in well productivity within the oil and gas sector. Moreover, it enhances injection performance in saltwater injection wells. The technology’s multifaceted benefits contribute to overall improved well functionality and resource utilization.
  4. Chemical Usage Reduction: A significant advantage of CoStim™  lies in the reduction of certain chemical agents, such as acids (utilized for iron control, clay stabilization, etc.), and a decreased reliance on F.R. (Breaker/Oxidizer) chemicals. This dual reduction streamlines operations and yields a smaller environmental footprint. Furthermore, it fosters improved health and safety conditions on-site, aligning with stringent E.H.S. standards.
  5. Time Optimization: The impact of CoStim™  technology on operational efficiency is evident in two key aspects: the expedited attainment of maximum displacement rates and heightened pad efficiency. These time-related improvements translate into faster overall operations, allowing for resource savings and quicker project completion.

Tunnel Effectiveness

Decontaminating the Near-Wellbore Zone

Inducing Fractures

Cleaning the Perforation Hole

Enlarging the Perforation Hole Capacity

Maintaining the Entry Hole Integrity

Does Not increase Perforation Gun Swelling

Higher Energy Density

Space-Efficient Device

Universally Compatible

Non-explosive Classification

Fracture Initiation Enhancement

Efficient Perforating Precision

Enhanced Well Performance 

Chemical Usage Reduction

Time Optimization


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