CoFrac® System is a revolutionary well completion technology. It combines ReCo® Propellant Cap and a shaped charge into a single unit to create the next generation perforating method. This combination enables secondary energy to be released directly to the perforation tunnel, resulting in cleaner and deeper perforations that boost reservoir productivity.

When the shaped charge detonates, the perforation jet carries the propellant cap into the reservoir zone. Pressure drop triggers the propellants to burn continuously throughout the tunnel, releasing energy directly to the perforation. CoFrac®  system has the flexibility to accommodate most shaped charges without the need for additional equipment. It can also be incorporated into any cluster design based on client needs. The identical deployment process to conventional perforating technologies eliminates variability that typically comes with the handling of new equipment procedures.

CoFrac® Technology delivers a major step in perforation efficiency as it will minimize or eliminate the crushed zone, decrease the entrance hole diameter variation, and induce fractures to the formation. Clients will benefit from increased hydrocarbon production through better-quality perforations that improve communication between the wellbore and the reservoir.

The system is used extensively in low permeability, high-density reservoirs.

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Available In:

CFS-32-020-06060-B 3-1/4” 6 SPF 60 Degree Phasing
CFS-32-025-06060-B 3-1/4” 6 SPF 60 Degree Phasing
CFS-32-030-06060-B 3-1/4” 6 SPF 60 Degree Phasing
CFS-32-040-06060-B 3-1/4” 6 SPF 60 Degree Phasing

Take a look at CoFrac™ Assembly’s testing results at Jet Research Center, Halliburton

JRC Testing

Plug-N-Play with regular shaped charges;

Increase perforation entrance hole diameter (EHD);

Deepen perforation penetration;

Eliminate perforation tunnel crushed zone;

Induce fractures (pre-fracturing) to formation

Eliminate acid wash;

Minimize the possibility of fracturing screen-out (better sand placement)

Additional enhanced production;

Prolong enhanced production;

Reduce operating costs by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of perforating and fracturing;

Improve the operational HS&E


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